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Fuse Boards

Many homes still have old-style fuse boxes installed with their outdated fuses, these offer little or no protection to you against electrocution. There are a number of benefits of renewing your old fuse board, including improved safety and electrical efficiency. By upgrading to an advanced fuse box,
M. Ferne Electrical will ensure that you have an essential residual-current device (RCD) that provides you additional protection. Along with the inclusion of mini circuit breakers, offering crucial protection to each circuit throughout your home, to safeguard you and your property against danger
from an electrical fault or fire.


Working throughout North Devon we can expertly install a new fuse board replacing an existing one. Works will be carried out to ELECSA regulations so you can rest assured that your new fuse board will be installed properly and be safe and effective. Full certification will be proved on completion.


After we repair or install a fuse board we will ensure all your electrical appliances are working safely and effectively.


If you would like to ensure your safety with regular electrical testing,
M. Ferne Electrical can carry out periodic testing for commercial and domestic customers. You will be provided with an electrical safety certificate giving you peace of mind.